How essential oils heal the body

In a nutshell essential oils are the juices of plants.

To get the oil out and into a bottle the plants are either squished (citrus), or distilled (pretty much anything not citrus).

Now, good essential oil companies will rigorously test the quality of the oil before it goes anywhere near a bottle (unfortunately many organisations which sell oils skip this part). Continue reading


How essential oils work on the brain

OK, I get it.

You’re a little dubious to the whole essential oils thing.

I don’t blame you.

I was the biggest skeptic going until September 2015 and I even gatecrashed an educational workshop to shut the whole farcical operation down…


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How to cheat your way to health in less than 2 mins a day …

essential-oils-instantly-change-your-lifeSounds great doesn’t it?

Not having to put in loads of time and effort and get instantly better is something we’re all after.

Everyone would love to wake up pop a pill and feel great.

Unfortunately, there’s nothing on this earth that can work that quick.

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Domestic Violence & Essential Oils

Well it’s most definitely a week of hard-hitting and slightly unusual posts linked to essential oils (trust me these two subjects came out of nowhere…)

I was having a flick through my Facebook timeline around lunch and up pops a video about male domestic violence.

It was made by Buffalo State Health in the USA and I definitely, think it’s worth a watch.

EOR2 Day 5 Round Up

OK I know this is a little late but hey a girls gotta eat, and have some fun this bank holiday weekend… Not that watching all these talks isn’t fun it is literally blowing my mind!

So here’s the little picture of all things Day 5:


Yup you guessed it – here’s the plug to grab everything yourself at the sale price of £60… I’m quite excited today because I get to talk about why I’m relentlessly trying to get you to buy – a massive portion of all the money made from the EOR2 goes to support sex trafficked victims & this is in my book absolutely a worthy cause. So here’s the plug – click the button below to blow your mind and to help those in need:

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EOR2 Day 4 Round Up

Wait a minute – we’re on day 4 already? (Well technically it’s now day 5…) That means I have watched/indulged in over 20 hours worth of essential oil goodness from the world’s leading experts…

No wonder my brain feels like it’s going to EXPLODE!!!

Ah well no rest for the wicked!

Yesterday I like to think of it as a foodie and family day. Here’s what you missed:


To catch up with this and all the other talks in full then you’ll need to jump on the bandwagon and grab yourself forever access for just £60 (plus £2,00+ worth of bonuses).

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EOR2 Day 3 Round Up

Well hello, and It’ss great tp see you back for another round up and this time on Day 3 of the EOR2!

Here’s what you missed:


If you wanted to access any of these talks I’m afraid you’re going to have to shell out… You may need to remortgage the house… The doll house that is because it’s only £60 right now (going up by £25 after the event).

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