How to reduce blood flow after cutting yourself while shaving

Admit it – you’ve done it.

& if you’re anything like me it only seems to happen when your shaving to go out…

I firmly blame my subconscious for acting on my ‘fears’ of cutting myself and being like Oh, rite that’s what she wants!

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Essential Oils for Exercise

I’m sorry I really did just say the dreaded ‘E’ word.

I mean its bad enough for all you guys that I spend all day throwing around the ‘mental health’ bomb.

But, to jump on here and use the ‘e’ word well I’ve definitely stooped to a whole other level of ‘in-your-face’!

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Essential Oils for: Cleaning the kitchen

While this isn’t one of my specialist subjects (like all things mental health), I do like to have a clean kitchen.

There’s something about stuff being on the kitchen sides which just drives me batty.

If, like me you’ve already made the switch from household cleaning products to using essential oils mixed with water you’ll have noticed a difference in the air within your home.

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