3 Top Tips to Instantly Reduce Stress

We all know that being stressed is just about one of the most harmful things we can do to ourselves. Being stressed shuts down your immune system and forces your body to focus all its attention on keeping you alive. It’s not your bodies fault – it thinks your about to be eaten by a lion or something else utterly dangerous. While that meeting with your boss may set off all the same physiological responses as tussling with a lion I’m sure we can both admit it’s just not helpful!

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Domestic Violence & Essential Oils

Well it’s most definitely a week of hard-hitting and slightly unusual posts linked to essential oils (trust me these two subjects came out of nowhere…)

I was having a flick through my Facebook timeline around lunch and up pops a video about male domestic violence.

It was made by Buffalo State Health in the USA and I definitely, think it’s worth a watch.

Suicide Prevention and Essential Oils

So for my ‘real’ job I created a post this morning called: “Suicide a word that strikes fear into the hardiest of people” you’re more than welcome to check it out but the general idea is to get people to start talking about suicide because all the research shows by talking about it we can remove the stigma and essentially save more people.

But what has it got to do with essential oils?

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If I was trapped on a desert island which 3 essential oils would have to be with me?

If you were trapped on a desert island which 3 essential oils would you have with you-HA! What an awesome question even if I do say so myself :O

Everyone without a doubt will have a favourite few oils. Interestingly you can actually glean a lot from the oils someone just can’t bear to be without – and no two people I have met have the same oil combination, in the same order. I’m sure there are other people out there with the same three as me but hey the world’s a big place!

My three well that’s easy – Clove, Lemon & Lavender.

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