EOR2 Day 5 Round Up

OK I know this is a little late but hey a girls gotta eat, and have some fun this bank holiday weekend… Not that watching all these talks isn’t fun it is literally blowing my mind!

So here’s the little picture of all things Day 5:


Yup you guessed it – here’s the plug to grab everything yourself at the sale price of £60… I’m quite excited today because I get to talk about why I’m relentlessly trying to get you to buy – a massive portion of all the money made from the EOR2 goes to support sex trafficked victims & this is in my book absolutely a worthy cause. So here’s the plug – click the button below to blow your mind and to help those in need:

WP Button Buy Now £60

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EOR2 Day 4 Round Up

Wait a minute – we’re on day 4 already? (Well technically it’s now day 5…) That means I have watched/indulged in over 20 hours worth of essential oil goodness from the world’s leading experts…

No wonder my brain feels like it’s going to EXPLODE!!!

Ah well no rest for the wicked!

Yesterday I like to think of it as a foodie and family day. Here’s what you missed:


To catch up with this and all the other talks in full then you’ll need to jump on the bandwagon and grab yourself forever access for just £60 (plus £2,00+ worth of bonuses).

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EOR2 Day 3 Round Up

Well hello, and It’ss great tp see you back for another round up and this time on Day 3 of the EOR2!

Here’s what you missed:


If you wanted to access any of these talks I’m afraid you’re going to have to shell out… You may need to remortgage the house… The doll house that is because it’s only £60 right now (going up by £25 after the event).

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EOR Day 2 (ladies day) Round Up

Well good evening oilers! Sorry, this is a late one, I’ve been super busy today and only just getting chance to go through all of yesterday’s notes!

Yesterday I gave you a pretty detailed run down of what happened, and I hope this has inspired you to register to find out more. Today, and for the rest of the week there’s not going to be as much because I don’t want to end up biasing your own views on such a fabulous subject. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still going to throw my 2 pence in the ring and give you my honest opinion but I’m going to leave a little more to the imagination. Especially as if you’re really up for learning you can still access most of the talks for free. Especially over here in the UK because we’re on a different time zone 😀

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EOR Day 1 Round Up (Part 2)

OK, so I’m back. I hope you had chance to flick through the round up part one as there were definitely a few things which were news to me!

So onto the last two talks of the day!

James Colquhoun: Essential Oils and Food Matters

James Colquhoun is the founder of Food Matters. He’s the filmmaker behind Food Matters and Hungry for Change and founder of FMTV, Food Matters TV. Along with his lovely wife Laurentine ten Bosch, James founded Food Matters giving people the tools, films, books, websites, TV to take charge of your own health.

James and his wife started to seriously investigate natural health when his dad became seriously ill. He was stressed, overweight and on a whole host of medication. James (like most of us) had a really difficult time convincing his dad to take all the natural healing products seriously. They were piling books upon books up next to him but he just wasn’t interested. Then they had the idea to make what they wanted to say in televised format, and this is how they finally got him on board and amazingly …

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EOR2 Day 1 Round Up (Part 1)

OMG, OMG, OMG it was frigging awesome!

If you didn’t manage to jump on you missed these wonderful people:


Don’t worry though I’ve got you covered with a quick round-up of what went down. This is going to be in two parts though because there was a lot to cover… So in part 1 (what you’re reading right now), you get Dr Z, Dr Gittleman, and Dr Pappas.

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So what’s in the box when I register for this ER2?

Yesterday I laid the smaketh down (thank’s Rock), on what’s coming up for all you oilers out there with regards to the Essential Oils Revolution 2 (EOR2).

I wet your whistle with the thought of 35+ free to attend talks from the cream of the crop but is it really worth booking an emergency holiday (or throwing an immense sicky), just to catch up on some internet goodness?

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