Why a bottle of frankincense should be at the top of your Christmas list –

Lets be frank…

All essential oils are phenomenal at supporting our physical and emotional wellbeing.

But, #frankincense, well, this oil is just on a whole other level…

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How to dilute essential oils

Before I get into how you dilute essential oils I’m just going to start with a quick note about the different types of essential oils & hopefully clear up a little bit of confusion.

Essential oils, like most things in life come in all shapes, sizes and quality.

Depending on the quality of your oil, the oil itself and where/what you’re doing with the oil you may not even need to dilute at all…

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How to use essential oils

OK, so if you’ve been following me for a little while, you’re going to be thinking this is a little bit late.

I really should have started with the old – how do I use these things right back at the beginning.

But, because I’d been using them for well over a year before I started sharing my story I just kinda forgot…

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Essential Oils for MS

Today is World MS Day 2017 (& if you want to be involved use these hashtags #WMSDay and #LifeWithMS).

Now, while I don’t have MS myself but over the course of the past few years I’ve met a few people who are struggling.

But, if you’ve never met someone with MS (or quite possibly you have – you just didn’t know it), then chances are you’re not likely to know just how difficult it can be.

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How to keep the insects at bay so you can have a bug free summer

So, you look out the window & you’re all like whoooo summers here!

& then you head downstairs & your kitchen looks like it’s a 5* hotel for flies…

I know – it sucks.

We love the sun, but us Brits love to moan & so there always has to be a downside to everything.

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How essential oils heal the body

In a nutshell essential oils are the juices of plants.

To get the oil out and into a bottle the plants are either squished (citrus), or distilled (pretty much anything not citrus).

Now, good essential oil companies will rigorously test the quality of the oil before it goes anywhere near a bottle (unfortunately many organisations which sell oils skip this part). Continue reading