Essential Oils for: Cleaning the kitchen

While this isn’t one of my specialist subjects (like all things mental health), I do like to have a clean kitchen.

There’s something about stuff being on the kitchen sides which just drives me batty.

If, like me you’ve already made the switch from household cleaning products to using essential oils mixed with water you’ll have noticed a difference in the air within your home.

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EOR2 Day 4 Round Up

Wait a minute – we’re on day 4 already? (Well technically it’s now day 5…) That means I have watched/indulged in over 20 hours worth of essential oil goodness from the world’s leading experts…

No wonder my brain feels like it’s going to EXPLODE!!!

Ah well no rest for the wicked!

Yesterday I like to think of it as a foodie and family day. Here’s what you missed:


To catch up with this and all the other talks in full then you’ll need to jump on the bandwagon and grab yourself forever access for just £60 (plus £2,00+ worth of bonuses).

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