Essential Oil Close Up: Cinnamon

I love the smell of cinnamon – it’s great for bringing back all those warm and fuzzy memories from ages past.

There’s something about a spice oil to get you fired up & this one definitely does just that!

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Essential Oil Close Up: Geranium

Before we start a little apology… so sorry for the delay in getting this out to you… For some reason it didn’t schedule 😦 today’s post will come out tomorrow so you’re not bombarded!

OMG geranium is strong. & I mean the smell is knock your socks off, amazeballs, strong.

It definitely does not smell like my mums flowers used to :/

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Close Up: Clary Sage

What is it?

Clary Sage is formally known as ‘Salvia sclarea’ and is part of the ‘sage family’ which is in fact part of the 1,000 different species within the ‘mint family’ of herbs.

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