Essential Oils for MS

Today is World MS Day 2017 (& if you want to be involved use these hashtags #WMSDay and #LifeWithMS).

Now, while I don’t have MS myself but over the course of the past few years I’ve met a few people who are struggling.

But, if you’ve never met someone with MS (or quite possibly you have – you just didn’t know it), then chances are you’re not likely to know just how difficult it can be.

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Essential Oil Close Up: Eucalyptus

If you’re suffering from a case of sniffles right now then this oil is definitely one you’re gonna want to have in your cupboard.

But, like all the other oils this one does so much more (and a lot more than making koala’s high as well if you’ve already heard that story!)

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Which oils are ‘the bomb’ when it comes to aches and pains?

We all get days when you just can’t seem to get out of bed without creaking…

For me, that used to be most days, but thankfully I have a good old collection of safe to use super soothing essential oils. But like everything in life the answer to the question above is actually a little more complicated than it first seems. Continue reading