What would an extra £200-£400 a month mean to your business?

Did you start your business because you were excited to be financially rewarded for something you love?

Only to find that weeks and months went by before you were able to get any clients, by which time all the money you made went back out to pay off all the IOU’s?

Back in June 2015 While I was still building up the courage to start calling the top brass in big organisations to sell my training services I knew I needed to do something to get fast cash regularly.

I needed to have something in place which would generate enough money to pay my bills and leave me the time to nurture relationships with national organisations so I could ask for thousands of pounds with confidence.

In September 2015 one of my close friends incorporated a second income stream into her business. She soon started to generate enough money to cover small bills, followed by larger bills and in August 2016 retired her husband from his full time managerial position.

In January 2016 I really started to see the potential of building a passive income stream, not just as a support for my business, but also as a way to really achieve many of my life’s dreams and desires. For 3 months I dedicated just 30 minutes a day (Monday to Friday) to building a second business.

By April 2016 I had successfully replicated what my friend had done for herself and supported 3 other local business owners to do the same.

Now, 12 months on things have exploded and I’m counting down the days until I retire my partner.

If I could show you step-by-step what I did in those 3 months to take the financial pressure off my small business would you be open to listening?

Join me in this free live 30 minute webinar where I reveal how I got off the cash-flow roller-coaster and well on my way to a financially free life.

Click to register – https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/creating-a-successful-passive-income-stream-for-your-small-biz-online-tickets-33652284890

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