It’s mental health awareness week

Woo! Today is Day 1 of Mental Health Awareness Week 2017 #MHAW2017 and the Mental Health Foundation is shaking up what they’re doing.

Instead of focusing on what mental health difficulties are or just trying to raise awareness they’re looking into why so many people with mental ill health in the UK are just about surviving and not thriving.

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An emotional journey…

So today’s post is going to be a little different.

But in a good way – because I’m all about giving away great stuff ūüôā

As you’ll have noticed while I’m a psychologist most of my posts have been about physical healing.

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How essential oils heal the body

In a nutshell essential oils are the juices of plants.

To get the oil out and into a bottle the plants are either squished (citrus), or distilled (pretty much anything not citrus).

Now, good essential oil companies will rigorously test the quality of the oil before it goes anywhere near a bottle (unfortunately many organisations which sell oils skip this part). Continue reading