Katie Woodland: Psychologist & Blog ‘Hostess with the Mostess’

Shrop QueenSo where do I start!?

I’m kinda feeling a little pressured here because copywriting, or to be honest just writing in real sentences is not one of my forte’s…

Here goes nothing!

The gorgeous picture to the left is me a couple of months ago & don’t I look perfectly framed… get it… hahaha! OK so just to prepare you my jokes are shocking, and I have a unique sense of humour.

I’m a 32-year-old holistic psychologist who lives in Wrockwardine Wood (Telford), England.

I grew up as a child in the armed forces which seriously messed with my ability to read, write and do complicated things like mathematics. But I loved every minute and was able to re-invent myself every couple of years when we relocated.

After doing the usual stuff of having education rammed down my throat for 8 hours a day I decided no thank you and high footed it into the world of work.

Queue a few years of crazy emotions, physical pains, and one awesome wardrobe thanks to all those fast fashion retailers that let me join and manage their teams.

After a few years as a retail store manager I decided it was time do make something of myself and in 2007 left the world of work to embark on a career in psychology. What I’m doing now is so extremely left field from what I initially wanted (although it’s absolutely what I love). Sometimes I imagine going back to my 23-year-old self and laying it all out. Like I’d say “hey you know what, that criminology part of your degree – you don’t need it” or “in 9 years time you’re going to be blogging about essential oils, and delivering therapy across Shropshire” and just wait for the belly clinching laughter from other me.

Ah the art of digression – if you’re still reading then whoo & thanks and for those of you who are thinking jeeps she’s a bit all over the place I’m truly sorry but this is how I roll and it’s probably better if you just give up – it is not going to get any better…

Anyhow – I made it through university on more than one occasion (I’ve been back and Blah, blah, blah, letters, letters, letters...upgraded my level of knowledge), and now have a gazillion letters after my name.  Which in all fairness just shows you how long I’ve spent delving into scientific journals and regurgitating the right information at the right time. Now don’t get me wrong it all comes in super handy when I’m out in the field doing a bit of mind meddling (or what most people call psychotherapy).

I set up an independent mental health service in Shropshire, UK in May 2014 and have been delivering CPD accredited training to businesses, and schools around mental health and also support people in their journey back to full mental health.

As with most people I learnt all about science, and doctors, and modern medicine and ‘how we get better’. But it just never sat right with me.

Jump forward to the 28th August 2015 and my introduction to essential oils. I was super dubious about their use (and you can read more in the blog post ‘Why essential oil experiment’ but only after you’ve finished poking around this page first – obviously), a within minutes everything I had been taught, shown, believed was flipped right on it’s head and I was a full convert to their place in the world within 3 hours…

So that’s me in a nutshell🙂

There’s loads more I can tell you, and trust me I will but even someone with nothing to do would be getting a bit bored of my yammerings by now. Plus if I lay it all out then there’s nothing to entice you back again😀

I look forward to empowering you to embrace the fantastic benefits of essential oils into your life over the next few weeks, months and years (wow look how confident I am that you’re still going to be here in over 12 months time).

Have a fantastic rest of your day, and I’ll catch up with you soon

Best wishes – Katie.

p.s. – here’s the link to that post I mentioned again:


Please Note:

While I do use a specific brand of essential oils, and am a wellness advocate this blog will aim to keep things simple, and enable you to get to grips with things without being bombarded with propaganda.

Choosing to use essential oils, and choosing the brand is up to you.

If you wan’t to know who I use head to my website: eoile.weebly.com

However, just make sure you check your brand’s usage guidelines thoroughly because some of the things I’m going to talk about is not universal.

If you have any questions feel free to fill in the comment box below and ask me a question. I will get back to you as soon as I can.


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