Abi Hopkins: Cook, Photographer, Traveller & Business Woman

My journey with essential oils started back in March 2016.  I was looking for a holistic way to help balance out my hormones after being on medicines which were causing havoc to my body and my everyday life.  Pretty much as soon as I was introduced to the healing properties of essential oils, I began to feel the impact and benefits which I’m still enjoying to this day.  Understanding how essential oils can really make a difference is fascinating and every day I learn something new and exciting.


My reality is this……..I am a busy project manager working for a regional University so my typical day is a 9-5 office environment.  Essential oils help me to maintain a sense of calm in an otherwise crazy busy workspace.  Depending on how my day looks, depends on which oils I use – there really is an essential oil for most situations!


Outside of work, I am passionate about photography and travel.  I have been very fortunate and travelled to some breathtaking places and experienced amazing things.  I have slept underneath the stars in the Sahara desert, I have lived and danced with Berber tribes in Morocco, I have sat on the Pyramids of Giza in Egypt and swam in the great oceans of Australia.  My camera has always been with me on these trips and has captured beautiful people and moments.  I adore taking photographs of ‘moments’ and I get a real sense of joy when my clients see themselves in different ways – the way others naturally see them.  Life is for living and we owe it to ourselves to capture life as we really see it – after all you can’t take material things with you but you can fill your mind with happy memories.   Essential oils also play a huge part in my photography.  I diffuse essential oils before a session with clients to help them relax and feel comfortable.  Lemongrass and wild orange are particularly good as not only to they smell divine, they also help to maintain calm, positivity and wellbeing.  If I am feeling tired or need a perk up (without the caffeine!), peppermint oil is a wonderful way to boost my mental and physical energy levels.  Travelling with essential oils is also a must – there are oils which you can take internally that help to settle upset tummy’s, oils that help with travel sickness and fatigue, oils that help keep the biting insects away.  My checklist for travelling now has essential oils at the top of the list along with passport and insurance!


When I’m not working, taking photos or travelling, I love to cook- after all, we all need to eat right?  My mum taught my brother and I to cook from an early age so we have been blessed with the knowledge and ability to cook from scratch – there are no jars of stuff in my house (well maybe one or two for lazy days) but almost all of the time, I cook with natural and fresh ingredients.  Now, you wouldn’t think of using essential oils in food would you?  Well, you can use them and they really do make a difference.  Why not try adding a drop of oregano into an Italian pasta sauce – it really boosts the flavour and you also boost your immune system at the same time!  The joy of using these essential oils is that you can take the majority of them internally so it makes perfect sense to add them into your food.


So you could say my life is busy. My husband is incredibly supportive of everything I choose to do, including not batting an eyelid when I announce I’m off to live in the desert for a week with my dancing friends (oh yeah, I’m a bellydancer too!).  Essential oils are simply part of my everyday life now – I can’t imagine my world without them. So my world may be sparkly on the outside but I like to think Im sparkling from the inside too.


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