Hey, there & welcome to my little corner of the internet 🙂 I (Katie Woodland) share this with some of my closest friends; Sally Jackson, Abi Hopkins, Stephanie Brett, and Louise Harding to try and give you all a completely new take on essential oils. We all have our little niche so hopefully, we will be able to fulfill a few of your interests in one click of a button!

It’s great to have you over this way & I’m going to give you a little personal introduction to let you know what’s going on, why the name ‘essential oil experiment’ & more importantly why on earth I’ve stolen this little piece of prime cyber real-estate.

So here goes…

Once upon a time, in a little corner of the UK...Once upon a time in a little corner of the UK, a budding Psychologist was attending a WiRE (Women In Rural Enterprise), network meeting and up stands a lady who starts talking about the positive effects of essential oils on her children’s mental and physical health. This lady has four children who all struggle with Autistic Spectrum Condition to differing degrees. So as you can imagine my little ears (and they really are quite small…), pricked up and I started to really listen to what she was saying.

Now on the outside, I was nodding, and smiling because this lady was talking from the heart & in no way shape or form did I want to discourage her.


My inside voice was thinking: “Oh my gosh this poor lady has been conned”… “I can’t believe someone is saying this plant has helped her ASC children” … “This is appalling” and well lot’s of other things which were grounded in my ‘science’ truth.

Next, the lady announced that she was having a free educational class that evening, and there were still a few spaces.

This is it I thought – I can go, and expose this lady, her friends, and the whole essential oil industry for the charlatans they are.

When the ‘formal’ networking session had finished I made a beeline for this lady, and her friend and sealed the deal to attend.

So I geared up and at 7pm knocked on the door of the house where the class was. As I walked through the door I was welcomed as though we had known each other all our lives. The room was full to the brim with people eagerly awaiting it to start.

My first thought – “wow so many people have been conned…”

-What I was beeing shown was literally turning my world upside down.-As I sat down and the class started I couldn’t believe how much science was presented, how many oils had full blown scientific research showing their interactions with the body.

I was shaken to my core.

“What I was beeing shown was literally turning my world upside down.”

There was no conning going on, no pressure from anyone to ‘buy or boot’ (e.g., you buy our stuff now, or get out the door…), it was more like an evening spent gassing with old friends.

I was only supposed to be there for an hour.

It was 9:30pm and I was still there. Quite literally enthralled. My phone was going bonkers as my partner was desperate for some dinner.

My phone was going bonkers as my partner was desperate for some dinner.

OK, I thought – they’re talking a good game but does it actually work?

So I did what any scientist does, and I whipped out my bank card.-Little did I know it would be the best £229 investment I have ever made in my life.- (1)

“Little did I know it would be the best £229 investment I have ever made in my life.”

I spent the next three days digesting everything I could. Forgoing the presented science and instead jumping on the ‘real’ medical journals I have access to through my professional life.

I was obsessed and the oils hadn’t even turned up yet…

They arrived and it was like my birthday, and Christmas all rolled into one.

The day that changed my life forever was August 28th 2015 and I can honestly tell you I have never looked back.

So what started out as me proving we’re all being lied to, and the reason for the name of my little corner of the internet has instead turned me into a complete convert!

Here’s my heartfelt thanks to both the lady for standing up and being brave to talk about her experiences and her friend for supporting her to break out of her comfort zone.

Best wishes, Katie.

Are you ready to learn about essential oils and how you can cheat your way to health?

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Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease


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