How to keep the insects at bay so you can have a bug free summer

So, you look out the window & you’re all like whoooo summers here!

& then you head downstairs & your kitchen looks like it’s a 5* hotel for flies…

I know – it sucks.

We love the sun, but us Brits love to moan & so there always has to be a downside to everything.

I mean – yes, bugs are seriously annoying & I’m gonna talk about how you can make everything a lot better in a moment, but lets just be honest right now – we don’t even have it that bad…

In Australia, you have to make sure you check the loo just in case you inadvertently sit on something that bites your bum and you kick the bucket in the most embarrassing place within the home.

It’s also super important that we recognise just how important all those little creepies are to our survival.

Lets just take Bees as an example.

While bees are great for making your toast super sweet and deliciously sticky (if you haven’t tied hone on toast you need to – its amazing & great if you have hayfever (just make sure you use local honey)), they are also the master pollinators.
Bees are responsible for making sure all our plants, crops and trees spread and grow.

This is super important not just for the food side of things but more fundamentally because plants make oxygen & unless you’re a robot then you need oxygen to survive.

Now, I’m not saying that bees are the most important bugs, because I truly believe no mater how freaky some of them are, they all play a vital part in maintaining our eco system (and therefore, allowing us to live happy healthy lives).

We need to make sure that all our bugs are well looked after – we just don’t want them swimming in our drinks, or feasting on our food before we get the opportunity.

OK, so now you’re thinking she must be talking about the amazing way to keep bugs at bay right now …

I’m sorry, but you’re going to be a little disappointed for the next few lines because I need to warn you about something first.


Yup, those nasty things again.

They’re everywhere.

In fact, did you know that most homes are more toxic that smog fuelled cities and many homes are literally killing people?

Now, in order to make sure your home is not killing you – you really don’t want to be relentlessly releasing toxic chemicals into your home by spraying all kinds of chemical based sprays.

I mean, after doing just a little googling I found out that some of the chemical contents of bug sprays mess with your immune system and can stop it from working effectively!

& if you’re a hayfever sufferer (like me) the last thing you want to do is dampen down your immune system or for it to go on an all out strike!

Oh and you also don’t want to be zapping, squishing or slapping bugs either – remember bugs keep us alive…

Instead, why not rely on mother nature to do her thing.

Essential oils are not only natures medicine they’re also natures way of keeping certain insects at bay.

So, how do you use these oils to keep yourself bite free this summer?

Easy – dollop it on your skin, place a drop on your t-shirt or stick it in your diffuser #simples

So, are you ready to learn a little more about how I use it?

Find out how by watching this super short video:


Oh, and don’t forget to share with your friends & family if you found this post useful.

Happy sunshining 🙂 catch you soon – Katie xx


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