I’m sure you’ve heard that meditation is great for a whole host of reasons.

It’s something I started doing to help myself cope with the craziness of running two businesses and trying to look after my family.

I know – it sounds nuts.

Spending time chilling out to give yourself more time…

I thought it was such a waste of time until I started doing it myself.

That time dedicated to just giving my conscious brain a break really helps you get clarity on what you need to do that day.

If you’re having a rubbish day (and yes even just 10 minutes after waking up things can go south), spending those minutes just reconnecting with reality can be the thing standing between me embracing the day and wanting to curl up inside the duvet.

While meditation alone can be pretty powerful for your wellbeing I really have found that by combining my meditation practice with essential oils completely transformed just how effective it is.

How I use my oils:

meditation - what do i need to work out-.pngFirst I work out whether I have got my own emotional baggage to get over that morning, if I need to be super hyped up for a long day, or I just need to get really focused.

This decision literally dictates what oil I am going to use.

If I’m having a rubbish morning & need to just get my head back in the game I use either lemon, orange or bergamot because not only are they great for releasing stress, they’re super uplifting, and just make the whole of my little studio smell fresh.

If I’m after a bit of an energetic buzz then it’s peppermint with either clary sage, ylang ylang. The peppermint is great for energizing and the clary sage and ylang ylang really help to get my hormones back in sync and realigned.

& if I need to get really focused then its frankincense & clary sage all the way! For me this combination is like I’ve just stepped into a people multiplier & there is now two of me rocking things in my office.

Now, I’ve worked out what kinda mojo I need I just put 2-4 drops in my diffuser.

I usually have the diffuser running while I’m doing my morning yoga (10 mins) and just keep it going while I’m sat on the mat doing my 10 minutes meditation.

You’re probably thinking I’m super lazy with just 10 mins meditation (and 10 mins yoga…) but I do walk the dogs (45 mins) every day & head out to the gym 4-5 times a week.

Also, I will intersperse a few more 5-10 minute meditation slots throughout the day if I meditation - think I'm lazy.pngfeel myself getting off track. I try to do a definite 10 minutes after lunch before getting my head back into the game & 5-10 minutes before bed.

All in all, I probably do between 30 & 45 mins of meditation a day.

The great thing about the oils is it helps my 10 minutes be far more effective.

The essential oils are already working their magic before I’ve even settled into my very unprofessional childlike seating position (no lotus here I’m afraid).

So if you’re struggling to get your zen on because of wandering thoughts, not being able to switch off, or not being able to get comfortable then switch on your diffuser & cheat 🙂

Happy oiling & I’ll catch up with you on Tuesday when I’m checking out ginger essential oil.

Catch you soon, Katie.

p.s. if you’re open to learning how essential oils can support your wellness in a whole host of different ways then click the link below & grab yourself a free mini-wellness consultation on me.

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  5. Not all essential oils are of the same quality and it’s important you check with your oil brand whether you can use your oils aromatically (A), topically (T) and/or internally (I).

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