I love the smell of cinnamon – it’s great for bringing back all those warm and fuzzy memories from ages past.

There’s something about a spice oil to get you fired up & this one definitely does just that!

Cinnamon comes from the inner bark of cinnamonious spice tress and unlike all of the other oils this one is also the name of a colour!

Go cinnamon for stepping out the box & breaking into another realm 🙂cinnamon - cinnamon and cassia are not the same.png

Back in the day (and I’m talking thousands of years), cinnamon was thought to be so precious it was regarded as a gift for monarchs and even gods!

Now, before I get into the benefits I just need to clear up something which can get confusing.

Cinnamon and cassia are not the same although they originate from the same group of trees – cinnamonious Cassia is sometimes referred to as ‘Chinese cinnamon’. Chances are however, the cinnamon you have in your spice jar is actually cassia…

& on that bombshell – here’s why you want to get hold of some of the good stuff –

All the A’s

  • Antibacterial
  • Antidepressant
  • Antifungal
  • Anti-infectious
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Antimicrobial
  • Antioxidant
  • Antiparasitic
  • Antiseptic
  • Antiviral
  • Astringent
  • Immune Stimulant
  • Purifier

What’s it commonly used for?

  • Airborne bacteria (A)
  • Bacterial infections (A, T)
  • Bites/stings (T)
  • Breathing (A, T)
  • Fungal infections (T, A)
  • Immune System (stimulant) (A)
  • Infection (A, T)
  • Mold (A, T)
  • Physical Fatigue (A)
  • Pneumonia (A)
  • Vaginal Infections (T)

Plus, its one of a very small number of super oils which enhances the effects of the other oils!

How you use it:

This oil you can use all three ways (topically (T), aromatically (A), and internally (I))

cinnamon-drop-in-hot-chocolateI love having a drop of cinnamon in my hot chocolate or in my porridge – for me it’s definitely a ‘winter oil’.

The other great thing I use cinnamon for is mold. Every few months I do a bathroom deep clean with the steamer and then whizz round with the cinnamon on a cloth just to make sure everything is 100% clean and mold free. Also, when we first stripped the wallpaper in the porch we found black mold which must have been building up for years… I placed 3 drops of cinnamon in a small bowl with warm water, popped on my rubber gloves and gave the wall a scrub. I was surprised at how easily it came off and as an added bonus our porch smelt great for days!

Cinnamon is a hot oil (most spices & herbs are), so you need to make sure your armed with a carrier oil because you’ll need to dilute this at a ratio of 1:3 (1 drop cinnamon & 3 drops carrier). Remember, you’ll need a lot more carrier if you’re using it on your children.

Have a fabulous Tuesday & I’ll be back on Thursday when I give my big 10 day detox reveal – both how much I lost & what I used to help me get there!

Happy oiling & see you soon

Katie x

p.s. If you’re open to learning how to use essential oils to do loads of other neat things and support your body and mind with everything it gets up to then click the link below to go to a free mini-wellness consult

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  1. It’s important to seek the advice of a professional before embarking on a new health regime.
  2. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.
  3. This website is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.
  4. Essential Oils are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease
  5. Not all essential oils are of the same quality and it’s important you check with your oil brand whether you can use your oils aromatically (A), topically (T) and/or internally (I).

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