Admit it – you’ve done it.

& if you’re anything like me it only seems to happen when your shaving to go out…

I firmly blame my subconscious for acting on my ‘fears’ of cutting myself and being like Oh, rite that’s what she wants!

Who’d of thought I’d need to start doing a positive affirmation while shaving?

shaving - doesnt it bleed!.pngWhile for many years I would then have to wrap myself in copious amounts of tissue to stem the bleeding – & boy doesn’t a nick from a razor seem to bleed!

Now, I can at least speed up the coagulation process and get back to getting ready to go out in lightening speed.

You see, some essential oils actually act to help clot your blood.

I’m sure you’ve seen in recent years those plasters which have silver in because that helps with the healing?

Well, if you are like me and never have a plaster when you need one you’ll need something else on hand to help!

So, I’m going to come at this post in two ways.

First I’ll run through the oils for clotting, then the oils for cleaning, and finally those with will help your body with the job of skin repair.

Because, who wan’ts to leave a job half finished?

Oils for blood clotting:

Oils for cleaning:

By ‘cleaning’ I mean making sure there’s no nasty bugs or anything getting into your cut.

Oils for skin repair:

  • Basil (T)
  • Helichrysum (T)
  • Lavender (T)

How to use the oils:

blood - oils arent magic.pngFirst you’ll need to stem the bleeding a little then apply 1 drop of the ‘blood clotting’ oils. Next, apply 1 drop of the ‘cleaning oil’ press and hold the tissue, cotton pad, washcloth… until the bleeding has stopped. You can put these two oils (blood clotting and cleaning) onto the object you’re using to stem the bleeding if you’ve gone in quite deep because you’ll struggle to get the cut clear of blood to get the oil onto the right place! Finally, apply 1-2 drops of your ‘skin repair’ oil when the bleeding has stopped and you’ll notice that the cut repairs at an accelerated rate.

Now, it’s not magic so don’t expect your skin to grow back before your eyes like in the science fiction films!

Why not give it a go the next time you accidentally cut yourself while shaving.

Don’t forget to let me know how it goes because after my last disastrous leg shave I am determined to never cut myself again 🙂

Have a fab day & I’ll catch up with you Tuesday to look at cinnamon essential oil.

Katie x

p.s. If you’re open to learning how to use essential oils to do loads of other neat things and support your body and mind with everything it gets up to then click the link below to go to a free mini-wellness consult

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  1. It’s important to seek the advice of a professional before embarking on a new health regime.
  2. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.
  3. This website is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.
  4. Essential Oils are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease
  5. Not all essential oils are of the same quality and it’s important you check with your oil brand whether you can use your oils aromatically (A), topically (T) and/or internally (I).






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