Oh my days you would not believe just how exited I am to bring you this news!

Myself, and a few other lovely wellness superhero’s have joined up to create a workshop designed to support parents and carers who are open to supporting themselves and their kiddies naturally.

Now this may not sound like a big deal but from where I’m sitting it really is!

I have been talking about doing this with a couple of ladies for the last 6 months but we always felt as though something was missing.

Forget something, we discovered it was a someone!

Lo and behold the perfect lady sprang up a couple of months ago and now we are finally going to be getting together and educating and empowering people about essential oils but also support parents and carers to use simple therapeutic, and behavioural techniques as well!

This is going to be amazing.

Well, I think so 🙂

If you’re a parent or carer in Telford or Shropshire and you’re open to really taking charge of your health and supporting your child’s (or children’s) health 100% naturally then definitely check this out.

It’s going to be on Saturday the 18th Feb so plenty of time to get yourself organised and get a babysitter arranged!

I also wouldn’t wait too long because after the 6th of Jan you’ll miss out on the early bird price of £65!

Seriously, even full price is a steal.

You’d pay £50 just for 1 hour with me and you’re getting access to 6 experts for 4 hours!

If you wan’t to find out more then click the link below & head over to the dedicated website.


Just so excited!

See you all soon 🙂


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