We all know that being stressed is just about one of the most harmful things we can do to ourselves. Being stressed shuts down your immune system and forces your body to focus all its attention on keeping you alive. It’s not your bodies fault – it thinks your about to be eaten by a lion or something else utterly dangerous. While that meeting with your boss may set off all the same physiological responses as tussling with a lion I’m sure we can both admit it’s just not helpful!

While I need to admit these 3 tips have appeared on my other blog they’re missing one thing – how certain essential oils can supercharge their effectiveness.
These three tips give you an instant anti-stress boost but it is pretty short lived. But by adding a good dollop of an oil as well you’re going to get the instant boost plus 2 hours worth of prolonged relaxation!
1. Breathe – OK so yes you are probably breathing right now (hopefully…) but if you just alter the way you’re breathing you can instantly cut off the cortisol (stress hormone), and epinephrine (fight/flight/freeze hormone) production in your body. You just shut your eyes and take 6 deep breaths. Now according to science 6 is the magic number in cutting off these two hormones so don’t skimp! A great oil to use alongside deep breathing techniques is wild orange. Wild orange is amazing at uplifting, calming and reducing anxieties – something which can play havoc with your ability to truly turn off the epinephrine.

2. Sing a Song – Singing at the top of your voice (regardless of how likely you are to win Xfactor) produces a couple of great stress reduction hormones called endorphin and oxytocin. Endorphins are pleasure hormones (and produce the same high you get if you were to take morphine or other less legal opiates…). Oxytocin has been termed the ‘love hormone’ in the popular press which is slightly inaccurate. While it does give you the warm and fuzzy when you have a hug from someone (30 seconds is the optimum hug time for this hormone to be released) but it also causes you to relax, reduce anxieties and feel more trusting all things which reduce cortisol production in the body. If you want to pelt out a good tune then I’m afraid there really isn’t ‘an oil for that’ but there are oils which can help you feel more confident especially when it comes to performing and a great one to test out is grapefruit. Now grapefruit is a fabulous citrus oil which both balances and uplifts you at the same time giving you that all important ability to dig deep and sing like you were born to be on stage. As a side note, another great benefit of grapefruit is its ability to reduce your hunger pangs so if you are singing in public your voice doesn’t need to compete with your ever growling stomach 🙂

3. Feed your Funny – This is my favourite one because I really love feeling good (and my singing voice causes untold havoc to glass objects …) If you haven’t already built up a bank of funny clips on YouTube do it now. Try to limit them to between 40 seconds to 1 minute and the real trick is to only choose YouTube clips that make you laugh so hard you feel like you may wet yourself anything less just isn’t going to have the same effect. Research shows that every time you watch something which makes you laugh your body produces serotonin (the happy hormone) and stops cortisol and epinephrine. What’s really cool is that every time you watch something that makes you laugh if you recall that clip in your mind it also makes you laugh and the same process occurs meaning you have an emergency stash of instant stress release in your head whenever you need it. OK so I bet you’re wondering what oil can help me laugh better? Well in truth there isn’t a specific oil for laughter … But lemon is an extremely powerful anti-stress and antidepressant oil and if you’re really struggling to feel happy then no matter how many giggling babies appear on your screen you’re just not going to get what you need from them. So have a little snort on the lemon bottle before you open YouTube and you’ll soon be rolling around with laughter.
I’m sure you noticed a little bit of a common theme throughout all three oils?
They’re all citrus! While there are other oils which are great for reducing stress and calming/relaxing you (e.g., lavender) citrus oils do tend to be the best at giving you a much-needed happiness boost.
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Let me know what works for you by leaving a comment below and of course feel free to share your fave YouTube clip 🙂
Have an awesome Wednesday & catch up soon –
Katie x

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