So for my ‘real’ job I created a post this morning called: “Suicide a word that strikes fear into the hardiest of people” you’re more than welcome to check it out but the general idea is to get people to start talking about suicide because all the research shows by talking about it we can remove the stigma and essentially save more people.

But what has it got to do with essential oils?

Well as I was wringing all the stats the sheer number of suicides kinda jumped up and slapped me in the face.

In the UK there were over 6000 suicides in 2014 (ONS, 2016).

That’s a lot of people who decided enough is enough and opted to leave this world.

Mental health difficulties being a key influencer in the majority of people who take their own life – and this refers to any mental health difficulty not just depressive difficulties (Hoertel et al., 2015).

While talking about it and talking to someone about your mental health difficulties can have a huge impact and help people come back from a very dark place.

suicide-4_1another truth out there which links a lot with this – men don’t talk.

Men don’t seek help.

And men commit suicide at a ratio of 4:1 compared to women (ONS, 2016).

So here’s what you need to know:-

Suicide can be prevented – but like everything in this world it has to be that persons choice.

However, if you know someone is struggling and currently stuck in a really dark place what you can do is use essential oils in a way which elevates their mood thus enabling you to support them:

Essential Oils which are useful:


Lemon essential oil has: antiseptic, anti-cancer, antidepressant, immune-stimulant, antibacterial, and antimicrobial properties.

Research has shown by inhaling lemon essential oil mice show a reduced level of stress (Komiya et al., 2006), rats had a depressive mood in line with when taking antidepressants and in people reduced the need for antidepressants (Komori et al., 1995).

Usage – aromatically:

Promote a positive mood either diffuse 2-4 drops or place 1-2 drops of lemon in your palm* and inhale.

(*please note because lemon is a citrus oil you would need to be careful when using the oil out and about in the sunshine for up to 12 hours afterwards)


Lavender essential oil has: antispasmodic, antidepressant, analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties.

Research showed by using lavender to aid with sleep reduced the number of depressive episodes in people (Komori et al., 1995).

Usage – : topically, internally* or aromatically

Use to induce sleep:

  • Topically: apply 1-2 drops of lavender to each big toe (brain stem reflex point), and massage in before bed.
  • Internally: take 1-2 drops of lavender in an empty capsule 30 minutes before bed.
  • Aromatically: spray lavender onto your pillow, or diffuse overnight.

(*please note only certain brands of essential oils can be taken internally so please check with your supplier)

Clary Sage

suicide-clary-sageClary Sage essential oil has: antibacterial, antidepressant, anti-infections, antiseptic and antispasmodic properties.

Clary sage showed effects similar to antidepressants in rats who were performing a stress test (Soel et al., 2010)

Usage – topically:

Use to balance your hormones and emotional system by applying 1-2 drops of clary sage on pulse points (behind ears, on temples and to the back  of your neck).


Rosemary essential oil has: antibacterial, anti-catarrhal, antidepressant, anti-infectious, antimicrobial and analgesic properties.

Evidence shows that oral ingestion of rosemary had antidepressant-like effects in rats who underwent the stress test (Machado et al., 2013)

Usage – internally:

Take 1-2 drops of rosemary with fractionated coconut in an empty capsule.

If you need anything give me a shout – have a fabulous Wednesday!

Katie x

p.s. If you’re open to learning how to use essential oils to do loads of other neat things and support your body and mind with everything it gets up to then click the link below to go to a free mini-wellness consult

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  1. It’s important to seek the advice of a professional before embarking on a new health regime.
  2. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.
  3. This website is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.
  4. Essential Oils are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease
  5. Not all essential oils are of the same quality and it’s important you check with your oil brand whether you can use your oils aromatically (A), topically (T) and/or internally (I).




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