Wait a minute – we’re on day 4 already? (Well technically it’s now day 5…) That means I have watched/indulged in over 20 hours worth of essential oil goodness from the world’s leading experts…

No wonder my brain feels like it’s going to EXPLODE!!!

Ah well no rest for the wicked!

Yesterday I like to think of it as a foodie and family day. Here’s what you missed:


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The order of today’s round up is as follows (so you can skip where you need to!)

  • Jill Winger: Essential Oils Cleaning Hacks for the Homestead
  • Wardeh Harmon Practical Tips for Cooking with Essential Oils
  • Joette Calabrese: Raising Healthy Families with Essential Oils & Homeopathy
  • Lauren Bridges: A mother’s journey with Cerebral Palsy
  • Jennifer Iserloh: Essential Oils in Food to Health the Body and Mind
  • Janet Roark: Common Essential Oil Usage with Animals

Jill Winger: Essential Oils Cleaning Hacks for the Homestead

Who is Jill Winger?

“Jill Winger uses essential oils extensively on her small farm to help herself, her family, and her animals be healthy, strong, and happy…” (Dr. Z)

“…I was just your typical American young mom before I started all this. I have really had very little interest in natural living or taking care of my body or not getting toxins out of my home and all of that stuff… And then I got pregnant the first time, I just had this complete mind shift.

… I was like, ‘Why do I suddenly want to know what’s in my food? And why do I suddenly care that the cleaning product’s I’m using are burning my throat and my eyes in the bathroom?’ … When you become a parent, it changes everything. And that really started this whole journey for me…” (Jill Winger)

 What are Jill’s top tips?

“So, my biggest bit of advice… stop thinking about it and start just doing it. And just make the mistakes. Get messy…. I didn’t start out as an expert. I was just willing to try and do the things that everyone else was too scared to do… I didn’t have anyone to show me. I just read the books and read the tutorials and just did trial and error…

…So, don’t overthink it, just start. You’re going to make mistakes, that’s part of the process. Accept that and just go for it…”

“… a lot of the oils that folks are probably going to have in their stash that they’re using for health benefits … they’re also going to crossover to be great additives to cleaning products. So, a lot of oils have really powerful cleaning properties.”

Best oils for cleaning:

  • Lemon
  • Lime
  • Wild Orange
  • Sweet Orange
  • Peppermint
  • Lavender
  • Eucalyptus
  • Melaleuca (tea tree)

Jill says that you can mix and match any of the above depending on what you need to clean. She hasn’t used bleach for over 10 years in her house and it’s definitely not dirty!

Jill also recommends heading over to Pinterest and google and just search for what you want to clean with essential oils and have a go. Then tweak as necessary with your own preference.

Jill’s top tip to ignore – adding vinegar and castile soap as this is one DIY hack which ends up in a big slimy and gloopy mess!

What I thought:

It was really great to hear just how easy it is to get going with using essential oils for cleaning. A few months after I got into essential oils myself I slowly migrated out all the chemicals and today the only thing we have ‘chemical’ wise is clothes wash, and washing up liquid. I am, however, trying to find a good combo to replace these with (and will take Jill’s advice, and see what everyone else is doing!).

I don’t think anyone should do a mass clear out (unless you want to), just have a don’t replace rule. While you’re going through the transition play around with different oils and see how your whole family (including your cats, dogs, guinnea pigs…) get on with each oil. My dogs are fine with things like lemon, and lavender but Bruno (the American Bulldog), will not come near me if I’ve use eucalyptus!!

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Wardeh Harmon Practical Tips for Cooking with Essential Oils

Who is Wardeh Harmon?

“…she’s an expert at making traditional cooking healthy, fun for the family, and her passion to blog has turned into just an enterprise. She has just tens of thousands of followers on her newsletter, hundred’s of thousands of people on Facebook…”

What are Wardeh’s top tips?

“…There’s a key phrase in traditional cooking on the real food movement. It’s cook like your great, great, great, grandma.”

“…there is an adjustment period because you have taste buds that are sensitized to the fat and the salt and the sugar that’s in conventional foods…”

How to start the swap:

  • If you’re using margarine or Crisco, use butter or coconut oil
  • If you’re using factory farm meat, get some pastured meat
  • Add broths to your diet
  • Use real salt instead of table salt
  • Prioritize healing foods and fermented foods to restore your gut health

“…Keep offering the good choices. And let them wean off the other flavours. No matter how long that takes you, but just keep at it and give your family time to come on board.”

When cooking with essential olis the rough equivalent is 1 drop of oil to one teaspoon of the item you’re replacing it with.

Great things to swap out:

  • Frosting flavourings  on cakes
  • herb’s and spices (e.g., basil oil instead of dried, or fresh)

In general, both Jill and Dr. Z say that if you would eat it dry, or add it fresh it’s safe to use in the oil form and the FDA lists all this on their website.

What I thought:

It was really cool to find out that (again), I’m not doing anything the wrong way round! Swapping what we used to have/use for all the oils as and when I’m cooking is just how I’ve started. The other day I made a chilli and added a drop of basil, and a drop of oregano. I was so worried thinking I’d overpowered it because the smell was crazy strong but it was just perfect! But be careful with the herbs and spices because they’re strong and it’s so easy to ruin a dish by adding too much! I heard a great tip from someone I work alongside (after she went a little overboard with the oregano…)

“Use a cocktail stick’s worth first and add more as necessary.” (Annie Garside, 2015)

Joette Calabrese: Raising Healthy Families with Essential Oils & Homeopathy

Who is Joette Calabrese?

“… Joette Calabrese is a distinguished American homeopath, public speaker, and author. She began her studies in homeopathy in 1986, and is certified by the North American Society of Homeopaths and the Council for Homeopathic Certification. She’s a published author, a professional speaker, a long time blogger on the topic of homeopathy for families.”

What are Joette’s top tips?

“A great way to become neurotic about health is to assume you’re going to find perfect health. It’s elusive. It’s rainbows and unicorns…”

A Yummy Honey & Yoghurt IceLolly For Fevers:

Mix yoghurt, with homeopathic cell salts (phos 6X & mag phos) with lemon essential oil, and honey. You can either mix this up or stick it into the freezer and create ice lollies. This protocol gets right at the heart of the fever, and not just treating the symptoms.

Kicking Acne to the curb:

Coconut oil is great for the skin, and even acne – but to give your acne an added boost you can also add in essential oils, or homoeopathic remedies depending on the severity, and personal preference.

What I thought:

My ears pricked up when Joette started talking about acne, because although I don’t have acne I’m 32 (33 in like 2 months :/) and I still get spots – a lot. I’m not embarrassed by them anymore like I was as a teenager (when it was just terrible), but to be able to have clean skin would be a blessing. Now Joette talks about spots, and food and I know for a fact my face flares up when I’m not drinking enough water – and that’s where I would start always try to drink your 2L a day. I know it’s hard – and I still mess up but as soon as you get back on the water waggon they start to clear up.

I also make sure I use coconut oil on my face. I used to use very expensive moisturisers (which were probably killing me…), and then I watched the truth about cancer documentary and went on a full blown toxicity throw out. I even stopped wearing makeup and went cold turkey. Back to the coconut oil – I still forget. I am, however, getting better at remembering. I used to always put moisturiser on before make-up and that was my routine so I have just got out of the habit. I have noticed that the times I drink plenty of water, and use coconut day & night my skin stays clear. If I have been useless I cheat a little and add lemon to my water because that helps to detoxify your system and helps clear you out. I definitely believe that it helps to speed up the clear-up process.

The benefit of using water & coconut oil (other than it being better for you) over my previous moisturiser – I’ve saved about £250 so far this year. Water is free & a big jar of coconut oil is like £5!

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Lauren Bridges: A mother’s journey with Cerebral Palsy

Who is Lauren Bridges?

Lauren is an aromatherapist and is a full-time mum, and a special needs parent.

What are Lauren’s top tips?

“…the most important thing going into this is very much don’t go looking for a cure.

You need to lok for the facts so you know how to apply things afterwards to affect their lives appropriately…

It’s really, really important that when you’re conducting your research you start really with going towards respected books by reputable people in the industry, scholarly papers and journals.”

It’s important to be aware of your child’s (and your) medical condition and any medication they’re on because there can be (and are) interactions between the two which could be dangerous.

You have to involve your doctor, your GP and anyone who is also involved with your child what you are doing so that they be given the opportunity to help, and support you, and your child.

A couple of oils Lauren uses to help her daughter:

  • to get comfortable and a good nights sleep – lavender
  • to help with pain – Roman chamomile

What I thought:

I really liked the emphasis that Lauren put on doing this with people, and people who know about the subject. Getting random information from websites and blogs (yup I get the irony there) can be dangerous. That goes for many things and not just essential oils.

I always start a consultation by going through medications, and checking to see which oils may interact. It’s so important to be careful because many of us are just so enthusiastic about the benefits we’ve had we forget that everyone is different. I always say to anyone who is being introduced to essential oils to remember:

“These oils are fantastic, but they’re also super potent. Like anything which has an effect on a body it needs to be respected, and used safely. Also, if you’re in doubt then reach out!”

Jennifer Iserloh: Essential Oils in Food to Health the Body and Mind

Who is Jennifer Iserloh?

“…Jennifer is a leader in promoting healthy, vibrant lifestyles through a diet of delicious and nutritious, easy-to-prepare meals. A classically trained chef and graduate of the Culinary Education, Jennifer is also a certified yoga teacher and a graduate of the Institue for Integrative Nutrition.”

What are Jennifer’s top tips?

“…when it comes to healing, you want to deal with the mind, the emotions and the body.”

  • Not all oils are edible (the same as not all plants are edible) – and you need to check!
  • Some oils are hotter/stronger than others so you need to watch the dosage
  • make sure the oils your using are food grade (GRAS)

Great oils to use:

  • black pepper – it’s an adaptogen (boosts the absorption of other healing compounds)
  • oregano
  • citrus oils – have an active compound called neurangen with help’s to boost the uptake of nutrients
  • peppermint – really great for reducing IBS
  • lavender – for it’s antibacterial, and antispasmodic properties
  • cardamom – great for the gut

Caution – don’t use a really high heat because you’ll damage the healing properties and flavours. If you can add once all the ‘cooking’ part has finished.

Jennifer’s dosage tip – 1 drop of oil for a dish that serves 4 people

What I thought:

It just occurred to me that the summit has been set up in such a sneaky way … one day I thought my world was imploding because everything I was eating is pretty much going to kill me and then BAM – the next day  I’m being helped with making the right food choices! Thank you EOR2!!

Personally, I think Jennifer nailed it with this (mainly because she listed all the oils I’ve been playing with … ).

I loved the 1 drop to 4 people tip because that helps me a lot more than the 1 drop for a teaspoon because I never really used herbs/spices before and so for me I was still really unsure and was just always super cautious.

I also really liked another point Jennifer touched on – that you may get into essential oils to support your health (physical, mental or spiritual), then once you have them you might as well use them in your cooking. This is something I always echo when I support someone. I love giving the tips on cleaning or spicing up their dinner because it helps people to really see how they can change their lifestyle and get the most out of their oils. I always like to think of them as an ‘all-round’ investment in your health and wellbeing and not like a replacement for a paracetamol…

Janet Roark: Common Essential Oil Usage with Animals

Who is Janet Roark?

“…Dr. Janet Roark is a veterinarian and owner of HillCountryy Mobile Veterinary Services in Austin, Texas. She graduated from Michigan State University’s college of Veterinary Medicine in 2005 and has been practicing in Austin since 2009.

Dr Roark uses essential oils as a complement to traditional medicine in her practice…”

What are Janet’s top tips?

“There’s no cure for death. We can prolong things a little bit sometimes, not always and we can help like I said make animals a little more comfortable when they’re uncomfortable. But it;s an evolving science, but we haven’t created immortal pets yet last time I checked.”

  1. Check the oil quality you’re using
    1. Is it safe to use internally, and topically as well as aromatically?
    2. Many say they’re 100% pure but often contain other substances which can be harmful to cats and dogs
  2. essential oils can have emotional and physical benefits to your animal
  3. how you use and apply them to people is how you apply them to animals
    1. be careful about dilution. The smaller the animal the more you dilute
      1. Oils to avoid with dogs: melaleuca, birch, camphor and wintergreen
      2. Oils to avoid with cats: basil, birch, cinnamon, fennel, melaleuca, nutmeg, oregano, peppermint, thyme, rosemary, spearmint, and wintergreen, bergamot, grapefruit, lemon, lime, orange, tangerine and dill (there is a lot to avoid with cats because they are missing a certain enzyme)
    2. BUT – if you’re diffusing then the oils tend to be OK with animals. If an animal doesn’t like it they will leave, and if they need the benefits they will get as close as possible!
    3. Animals can take the oils internally – BE CAREFUL- don’t go crazy, and cats & dogs will not eat, or drink things they think smell funny so using a capsule mixed in with their food is a great way to get the oil inside.

[Always check the oil is safe for your animal and dosage as well before administering anything topically or internally]

What I thought:

I am so grateful to Dr. R because for me this is something that I have been a little concerned about. You hear horror stories on the internet and it sends everyone into a blind panic… Luckily I have a sister who is a dog behaviourist, and she uses essential oils in her training with dogs but I don’t know any cat behaviourists (or even if they exist…) and I have friends, colleagues and people using oils who have cats and we’ve been trying to find someone reputable to say definitively yes or no.

I am going to get straight on the phone after this and tell my friend it is a resounding yes for your cat and don’t worry diffuse what you need and your cat will just leave if she doesn’t like it! I had witnessed this with my own dogs and Bruno will not even come near me if I’ve just put any oils on. Loki doesn’t care and we will put a couple of drops of lavender in his breakfast if his glands are playing up. But I also keep my vet in the loop and she has given me a few tips which is awesome!!

So a huge thank you, and a massive shout out to Dr. R’s talk which was amazingly comprehensive. She went into birds, rabbits, horses… And just gave away so much useful information (and it was all extremely succinct so I ended up doing a lot of rewinding so I didn’t miss anything while making my notes!)

So there you have it – and yes that was 6 hours not 5 so I’m super knackered and a little late… Day 5 round-up will be going up this afternoon)!

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OK, so what’s in store today? Well, we’re now on day 6 and we have another doozy to look forward to …



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Catch up with you later on Day 5 😀 & for all you in the UK I’m sorry I can’t fix the weather, but maybe reading this can help uplift your moods! All the best – Katie x


  1. It’s important to seek the advice of a professional before embarking on a new health regime.
  2. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.
  3. This website is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.
  4. Essential Oils are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease

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