Well hello, and It’ss great tp see you back for another round up and this time on Day 3 of the EOR2!

Here’s what you missed:


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So here’s what happened yesterday (I won’t be offended if you just scroll down to the one you want to read because, hell there’s 5527 words on this page [and all written out by me no copy and paste function I’m afraid!])

Oil Talk Order on this Post:

  • Dr Michael Breus: Essential Oils Strategies for a Better Nights Sleep
  • Peter Osborne: Managing the Terrible Triad of Grains Leaky Gut and Pain
  • Brian Mowll: The Truth About Diabetes
  • Jay Davidson: Beating Lyme Disease with Essential Oils
  • Scott Johnson: Managing Learning Disabilities and ADHD with Oils

Dr. Michael Breus: Essential Oils Strategies for a Better Night’s Sleep

Who is Dr. Michael Breus?

“Dr. Michael Breus is a clinical psychologist and both a diplomate of the American Board of Sleep Medicine and a fellow of the American Academy of Sleep Medicine.

He was one of the youngest people to have passed the board at age 31, and with a speciality in sleep disorders is one of only 163 psychologists in the world with his credentials and distinction…”

Michael’s top tips for sleep:

“…So here’s the deal is I can’t promise people that they’re going to have a perfect night sleep every night because quite frankly nobody does. And that’s something that everybody out there should realize is don’t set your expectation to have a perfect sleep every night because quite frankly, it’s an impossible goal to meet.”

“…90% of the people who show up at my office do not want sleep medication… And so my goal has always been, ‘How do we break the cycle of insomnia and then allow you to use different techniques, natural solutions to live a cleaner, better life with better sleep?'”

Coming off sleep medication:

  1. “do not… ever go cold turkey off a sleep aid if you’re currently taking one… your body will not react well. There’s something called, “rebound insomnia” which can occur. And people could be up for a couple of days.
  2. …never change a dosage of medication that’s been prescribed by your physician without speaking with your physician first… they will give you what’s called a taper schedule”

“…one of my favourite, and this is one of the lesser known sleep hers out there, is magnolia bark… it’s an anxiolytic. It helps reduce that level of anxiety. It turns our that probably 75% to 80% of people who have a sleep issue, either not being able to fall asleep, not being able to stay asleep, waking up too early, anxiety plays a significant role.”

“…the average amount of time it takes to fall asleep is between 20 and 25 minutes… this is normal… In fact, when I was on the Oprah Winfrey show, we were talking about her boyfriend Stedman, and she said that he falls asleep in under two minutes. And actually, that’s a sign of sleep deprivation. Not a good sign, but rather a sign that he’s not getting enough good quality sleep.”

Reasons adults struggle to get to sleep:

  1. Alcohol – it makes you ‘pass out’ rather than sleep and it keeps you out of the deeper stages of sleep
  2. Caffeine – caffeine has a half-life of 8-10 hours. Meaning you really shouldn’t be drinking it after 2pm (depending on your bedtime!).
  3. Environment – Everything we do during the day, who we talk to, and what we witness will all start to play out before bed and this can cause anxiety which stops you falling asleep.
  4. Environment 2 – think about where you’re sleeping, and how much technology you have on either in the background (Wi-Fi), or right up close and personal i.e., your mobile phone which emits blue light (the same light the sun gives off), which tells your brain to turn off your melatonin (the natural hormone which helps you go to sleep!).

“…It makes me think of a friend of mine who had a coliky baby, just a couple of weeks in. And his son had some digestive issues. And we helped him with some essential oil therapy, which immediately helped that. And then the baby didn’t sleep well. And my buddy turned off the Wi-Fi of the entire house. And he said, “Eric, it was overnight.” Like, literally overnight his son just started sleeping…” Dr Z. (2016)

“…I’m a big fan of people using lavender, either in a sashay, some potpourri or a diffuser…

Dr. M on melatonin:

“95% of the melatonin out there is actually sold in an over dosage format. The appropriate dose is between one-half and one milligram. Ninety-five percent of it is sold in either three, five or ten-milligram doses. The other thing to remember is melatonin is a sleep regulator, not a sleep initiator…

“…it takes 90 minutes for melatonin to reach plasma concentration levels for it to be effective. So what people should be doing is they should take between a half and one milligram of melatonin. They should take it 90 minutes before bed. And this should primarily be for people who are having a hard time falling asleep or for people waking up too early.

It’s not a magic bullet because, the majority of people all asleep just fine. But they wake up in the middle of the night. And that’s where the anxiety comes in. That’s where there are other herbs and natural remedies that I think are far more effective.”

What I thought:

Well for starters just what an awful lot of information on sleep! It’s not something I specialise in so only know the ‘run of the mill’ type stuff which has helped a lot of my clients in the past. Now I think I’m going to be able to help them even more because I know just how important sleep is for maintaining good health.

The next wow was about the caffeine – I always knew that if I had caffeine after 1pm I wouldn’t sleep but thought it was just me! I think this one takeaway will have a massive impact on peoples ability to sleep so make sure you bear it in mind!

I had heard about the whole blue light, and technology thing before and always pass this on but for some reason, it seems to be something people just don’t want to accept! Turning off all your tech an hour before bed really will help you go to sleep, and it drives me crackers when my clients just won’t do it! Especially if they then still complain of not sleeping, or being tired…

Ah well, I’m only here to guide and it’s up to you what you do with that advice. But here’s the deal if you choose to drink caffeine throughout the day, and you choose to watch tv, play on your phone or be on the computer before bed, and have yourself a glass of wine to ‘help you sleep’ and you wake up feeling like you haven’t really slept then don’t complain about it.

I thought it was a good idea to add in quite a bit about melatonin as over the past few years I have come across more and more families using it to help their child sleep and it’s something I think people need to be far more cautious about than they already are. Melatonin is a hormone, much like testosterone or oestrogen and we don’t go taking those willy-nilly!

As always there was an awful lot more in this talk. Dr. Muchael went on to talk about touch, your pillows, hearing, taste, why you shouldn’t use candles to help you sleep… but I’m afraid you’ll have to put your money where your mouth is to access this and all the other talks. Before you skip to the next talk just think about this question – how much is a good nights sleep worth to you?

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Peter Osborne: Managing the Terrible Triad of Grains Leaky Gut and Pain

Who is Peter Osborne?

“He’s going to be connecting the dots between leaky gut, autoimmunity, pain conditions, and how essential oils play a pivotal role to this.”

…”Dr. Peter Osborne currently is the Clinical Director of Origins Health Care in Sugarland, Texas. He’s actually working with patients actively…

Peter is a Doctor of Chiropractic, Doctor of Functional Medicine, Doctor of Pastoral Science, and a board certified Clinical Nutritionist. He’s oftentimes referred to as the gluten free warrior. He’s one of the most sought after functional medical doctors in the world. His practice is centered primarily on helping people with painful chronic degenerative and autoimmune diseases associated with gluten sensitivity and food allergies. And he received his doctorate from Texas Chiropractic College. 

He’s one of the world’s leading authorities on gluten sensitivity and lectures nationally to both the public as well as doctors on this and many other nutritionally related topics…”

Peter’s top tips for the gut:

“the only drug I can think of that cures anything is an antibiotic. Every other form of medicine medicinally used, so drugs, generally tend to mitigate or mediate or reduce or artificially manipulate symptoms without ascertaining the origin of why the disease is there in the first place. And to me that’s a crime and a travesty because people go into their doctor with a great degree of trust to not just mask the problem. 

What happens when we mask the body’s alarm system is we really truly allow the disease to take an insidious hold over us. But because we’re masking our symptoms, and we’re masking our body’s alarm, we continue to go on making the same mistakes, having the same behaviors, doing the same things that created the disease in the first place. “



“… back into the early 1900s, you’ve probably heard of Kellogg’s cereal. Well, it was developed by two brothers. And one of them was a medical doctor, Doctor Kellogg. And he developed corn flakes. And the reason why he developed corn flakes was as a gut irritant to alleviate constipation, so irritate the bowel to produce diarrhea in people who were constipated. And that was the beginning of cereal. Literally, that was the beginning of cereal. It was a gut irritant.”

“… grains have evolved and developed mechanisms to protect themselves. And that means chemical warfare against human guts…”

“… Then we also have what I would call the unnatural, the fact that grain has been hybridized, that some grains have been genetically manipulated. Most grain, the way it’s grown, it’s double sprayed with severe doses of pesticide.”

“…the light needs to be shed that grain as a whole is not a healthy food to consume for many reasons…”

“…When we track archeological records and fossil records, everywhere we see grain introduced as a staple food, we see growth stunting. We see osteoporosis. We see diseases in those particular cultures and species.”

Essential Oils for a leaky gut:

“… one of my favorites is actually peppermint, as a coating agent. I like thyme for its anti-inflammatory properties because remember, when you cause a mucosal erosion, what ends up happening as a side effect is you actually create inflammation. Garlic is another really good one as an anti-inflammatory but also as an antibacterial. So if we think about infection, which is one of the other really common causes of leaky gut, three work really, really well in that light: ginger, garlic, and thyme, because they all have kind of a dual capacity to be an anti-inflammatory but also to be an antibacterial without going down deeper into the colon and disrupting the vast majority of the microbiome.”

“…If you’re talking about the gut, I would say you can take them orally. I know you’re more intrinsically familiar, Eric, with the essential oil world, but these can be taken orally and should be taken orally, in essence, if we’re trying to get to the gut because that’s the area where the damage is. So oral ingestion is probably going to be the best mechanism for healing the gut…”

What I thought:

For starters, while I know most medical doctors don’t necessarily have a large amount of nutritional training I have to say I was shocked by this mini Q&A…

Dr. Z “…how many hours on average are you familiar that most medical doctors get at the typical medical school in nutrition specifically?

Dr O “…on average it’s less than seven hours.”

What! Only 7 hours!? And then it transpired these are elective, and therefore most don’t even get the whole 7! While I know it’s different in the UK I’m pretty sure our GP’s don’t have nutrition wound into their academic schedule!

Next, I was horrified to find out that cereals cause malnutrition, and vitamin deficiencies, and in order to counteract this government’s just pumped them full of vitamins. I like many other people out there have been brought up believing that without cereals we’re unlikely to be able to get the vitamins and minerals we need. It’s the exact reason I had some ready brek this morning! I’m starting to get a little sad right now 😦

Then, I had to literally press pause and shout my partner when I read that “gluten tears holes in the gut lining, and have been identified to shut down your pancreas”. Then about how when it’s stored it produces toxins, is often laced with things like mercury and arsenic … Why are we allowed to buy, and eat all this stuff?!! I mean we might as well be throwing arsenic on our breakfasts as far as I’m concerned!

Now I find out there’s no science behind the food pyramid (which the UK’s food plate was based), and it was instead created by lawyers and grain companies…

I’m going to leave you with one more comment from Dr. O but just in case you wondered there is an awful lot more he talks about (including pain management  but this whole grain thing has got me in a spin & I am now going to have to do a 100% kitchen cupboard make over!

“I think there’s a misconception of what people think doctors are trained to do. You go to a doctor. You assume that they’re smart and intelligent and have an understanding of how the human body functions and works. But the problem is, in many cases they don’t know what nutrition is. So how can they understand how the body works?   

Nutrition’s a fundamental science. Nutrition and mind body medicine, these are fundamental aspects that should be being taught that aren’t being taught.”

Brian Mowll: The Truth About Diabetes

Who is Brian Mowll?

“…Dr Brian Mowll is the founder and medical director of Sweet Life Diabetes Health Centres and serves clients worldwide as The Diabetes Coach. He is a certified diabetes educator. And was one if the first doctors to practice functional medicine by the prestigious Institute for Functional Medicine…

…since 1998, Dr. Mow;; has been helping people with all forms of diabetes, properly managing their complex health conditions… His goal is not just to manage but to refers, to reverse root cause resolution folks, using a natural personalized lifestyle approach…

…Dr. Brian has, literally, ver 20 years experience studying, and applying clinical nutrition, physical activity, lifestyle management, functional medicine, and diabetes self-management education…

Brian’s top tips for diabetes:

“Insulin, as many people know and have heard, is responsible for controlling and regulating blood sugar. It’s a hormone that our pancreas releases when we eat food. And when we eat carbohydrates, specifically, the body wants to use those carbohydrates. And to do that, we need this hormone called insulin. The pancreas releases it. It shuttles or allows glucose to be absorbed into our cells and then that gets converted to energy, cellular energy or fuel.”

“So we need insulin in type II and prediabetes. We become insulin resistant, so sort of like losing your hearing. You don’t loose it all at once, but you get hard of hearing first… So it doesn’t work as well. The glucose cannot get into the cell to get converted and turned into energy, builds up outside the cell. 

We get sticky blood. We get syrupy blood. And that starts causing damage to our organs and cells, things like kidney damage, poor circulation, which can lead to infections and, eventually amputation; leading cause of adult blindness,vascular damage… cardiovascular damage and stroke.”

“…I don’t know where they got 126 of all numbers… with diabetes, I sort of look at it a little bit the same way as I look at the thyroid diagnosis because I’ve always said you can’t have a little bit of diabetes, just like you can’t be a little bit pregnant. You either manage and control your blood sugar in a healthy normal way or you don’t… So if your blood sugar is 110, geex, is that OK?…  to me, the answer is no…”

So some peopl eunfortunately will wait until they get that diagnosis of diabetes, and I think that’s a massive mistake. So if you’re listening and your doctor told you that you have prediabetes and you had a fasting blood sugar test done and it was over 100, I don’t want you to wait until you go to the magic number of 126, do something now…”

“…there’s a delicate balance there that the liver and the  pancreas and the gut and the muscles and the fat cells all work together this hormone symphony in order to keep that blood sugar balanced. And small fluctuations in that can cause your blood sugar to run a little bit too high.”

… Reversing to me is changing the trajectory. It’s not a cure. In fact, I don’t even look at type 2 diabetes as a disease to be cured. To me, we have a normal function of the body and diabetes is a dysfunction…to me, it’s not a disease like some diseases like an infection, for example where we get this infection, we have this disease and it needs to be cured somehow.

…to me it’s not a disease like some diseases like an infection, for example, where we get this infection, we have this disease and it needs to be cured somehow. Diabetes is a dysfunction and we can regain function. And when were do that, we’re reversing the condition… 

Three things to reduce your diabetes

  1. Sort out your diet – reduce the number of carbohydrates you eat
  2. Ramp up exercise – so you can use up all that excessive amount of glucose in your body
  3. Reduce stress – stress is a contributory factor and it’s equally as important as numbers 1 &2

Essential Oils for Diabetes:

  • cinnamon – internally in a capsule as it helps to: lower cholesterol; lower triglycerides; improve HDL levels (the good cholesterol); improves glucose tolerance;, and improves insulin sensitivity
  • Melissa – reduces plasma glucose levels, and increases glucose tolerance

What I thought:

It was really great to hear someone debunk the weight-diabetes myth. While there is research showing 40% of individuals who are overweight will develop type II diabetes it’s not a certainty, and there is in fact, more people statistically speaking who have type II diabetes and are a ‘normal weight’. In my honest opinion, I think the whole diabetes-weight thing has come about because often the person who is overweight has a whole host of other complications as well, and so is more likely to be in the GP’s office. This is why the % of diagnosed diabetes is higher in those who are overweight compared to those of normal weight. Realistically those who are normal weight wouldn’t realise there was anything wrong – until its too late…

I 100% agreed with both Dr. Z and Dr. M about the ‘diagnostic’ box. It’s crazy and I see it all the time in mental health. People feel off kilter but are willing to try and get better, and then they get a ‘diagnosis’ and some give up thinking it’s game over, others use it as an excuse and carry on as they are. A few, however, take it as a wake-up call and change their lifestyle, reverse the effects and go on to live a wonderful life. My advice to you (and I’m just going to reiterate what was said yesterday in my round up) – if you feel unwell start with the 3 fundamentals; diet, sleep & exercise.

One final quote from Dr. M:

“There’s clients of mine, patients of mine where they had a 198 cholesterol, their doctor didn’t say a word to them. And then the next time they came in it was 202 and their doctor freaked out on them like, ‘Oh, my gosh. We’ve got to get you on a statin. This is rediculous. You’re going to die.'” Dr. M

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Jay Davidson: Beating Lyme Disease with Essential Oils

Who is Jay Davidson?

“…Dr. Jay Davidson, … is a doctor focusing on natural functional medicine.

He is an expert, expert at what he does with detox, with helping people recover from Lyme disease and is a popular speaker, number on international best-selling author, husband, father, a former radio talk show host, and church elder.”

Jay’s top tips for beating Lyme Disease:

“…Ir’s way more common than most people would believe. Even recently the CDC in the last couple of years has stated that 300,000 people are affected in the U.S. based on their conservative estimates. So, when you hear things in the news about like the Zika virus and how much attention that gets and how literally hardly anybody’s affected inthe US…

But when you look at Lyme disease and you say 300,000 people per year and clearly things were underreported, probably underestimated, so it’s probably more than that. Lyme disease is a growing epidemic…”

Recognising the symptoms of Lyme which are often diagnosed as other difficulties:

  • chronic fatigue syndrome – which just means you’re tired all the time
  • fibromyalgia – pain all over the body and unexplained
  • autoimmune type conditions (rheumatoid arthritis, RA, Ms, multiple sclerosis, and even lupus)

If you have a combination or even one of these it’s best to get Lyme disease ruled out because often even when tests come back negative for any of the above you may still get diagnosed because you’re showing a lot of the symptoms!

“There can be 150 different types of symptoms. And the symptoms can be grouped differently… And I think that’s where Lyme disease gets the name the great mimicker because it’s very hard to pinpoint.”

“…you can’t just kill the bug and get yourself well… Lyme disease is a pathogen… it’s got about four different forms. SO, by itself is probably one of the most complex type of pathogens out there.

But usually, it’s got its friends, the coinfections. The classic ones that are popular people infected by and also talked about Babesia which is technically a parasite. Bartonella, or Ehrlichia, Mycoplasma, HHV-6… So, you’ve got the whole pathogen realm.

 …There’s research showing that Lyme will change into a cyst form or a round body to protect itself. And then when you stop antibiotics, it’ll come back out.”

Using essential oils to help:

“…there’s essential oils that are so powerful in the antimicrobial, antibacterial type world. And of course, you get the antifungal, antiviral. Depending on the oil, there’s usually a lot of crossover, it does a lot of anti-pathogenic things without really harming the body’tissues”

Top oils:
  1. Clove
  2. Oregano
  3. Garlic
  4. Frankincense
  5. Lavender
  6. Lemongrass
  7. Myrrh

Make sure you dilute clove, and oregano because they’re classed as hot oils and just super potent. Also, the oils are for different stages in Dr. D’s 5 Step Protocol.

 5 Steps to restoring health protocol:

  1. Detect
  2. Drain
  3. Eliminate
  4. Rebuild tissue, and organs
  5. Detoxification

What I thought:

Stunned into silence after watching this talk.

There are so many people I know who may actually have this but just don’t know about it. In fact, I am not sure if I may actually have it myself…

I’m more shocked to find out that it’s not just from ticks. That’s a misconception. You can get it from ticks, from mosquitos, it’s sexually transmitted and can be passed onto us from cows milk…

The ‘classic’ sign with regards to the ‘bullseye rash’ (a circle in the middle, and a circle outside of that) only shows up in 30% of people who are bit by ticks actually have this rash – and this is where many misdiagnoses occur.

Even more disturbing is the current test for Lyme is only accurate 40-60% of the time so even if you’re tested it may come back negative…

Wait, OMG, Dr. D just said that the CDC website says Lyme-carrying ticks are only present in the Northeast, or Midwest of America (but there’s evidence to suggest they’re in 80% of all the ticks across all the counties in California which is not Midwest or Northeast). Also, the 300,000 guestimation is only based o 13 states having these Lyme-carrying ticks not the whole of the USA… Plus if it’s sexually transmitted it’s going to be all over the place regardless of where the bite originally occurred.

After all of that trauma, I’m going to leave you with something which made me chuckle because it resonates with me, and all of the people I work with when I’m talking about lavender essential oil:

Dr. D: “…But I really love lavender which I think of as more of a universal oil. Me not being the aromatherapist and understanding the intricacies of all the oils it seems like lavender almost works for everything, in my opinion.”

Dr. Z: “Mm-mm. Pretty much.”

Scott Johnson: Managing Learning Disabilities and ADHD with Oils

Who is Scott Johnson?

“… He’s the creator and founder of the Integrative Essential Oils, Essential Oils Certification Program, and is the originator of the Waterfall Technique. He has a doctorate in naturopathy and is a board-certified alternative medical practitioner, certified elite essential oil specialist, certified clinic master aromatherapist, and certified professional coach.

His evidence-based approach to natural health and experience conducting medical research makes him on of the world’s leading experts on the therapeutic application of essential oils. Dr. Jonson pioneered evidence-based essential oil therapy, which combines the art of ancient healing with modern science to maximize the benefit of essential oils…”

Scott’s top tips for Managing Learning Difficulties & ADHD:

…there’s definitely an increasing trend to diagnose children with ADHD. I mean, we’re estimated at most recent estimates that an astonishing 11% of children who are aged 4 to 17 have been diagnosed with ADHD as of 2011. That trend line is going upwards…

“And I think there are several factors that really have contributed to this explosion in diagnosis, including drug marketing practices. An increased nu,ber of distractions for children, like spending so much time in front of a screen, whether that’s in front of a TV or a tablet or a phone. Insurance policies that really prohibit clinicians from having the adequate time to properly diagnose ADHD and rule out other things that may mimic it or appear to be the same or have the same symptoms.

And interestingly, some research even says that government policies, in relation to childhood education, have impacted the number of children diagnosed with ADHD. So we really have created a perfect storm for children to be diagnosed with ADHD frequently and then to receive potentially harmful stimulant medications.

So it’s going to really require a joint effort among policy makers, healthcare professionals, parents, and organizations to reverse this hazardous trend.”

“…At the very least, evidence is growing that toxins can significantly affect brain development and function… The longest standing theory is that imbalances in certain neurochemicals, like dopamine, noradrenaline, and glutamate are the primary cause of ADHD… you can see there are many potential causes or triggers for ADHD which will require an equally multifaceted approach to manage it properly.”

ADHD and Essential Oils:

” …the sense of smell is estimated to be about 10,000 more sensitive than any of our other senses. It really has to do with how our brain processed odour molecules, and the fact that the sense of smell provides the only path that exposes our central nervous system directly to the external environment”

Useful oils for ADHD (inhilation):
  • Cypress – prevents shifts in attention caused by an external cue
  • Eucalyptus – affects the executive control system and suggest an increase in attention span
  • Peppermint – enhance attention
  • Lavender – protects neurons from degeneration or injury by increasing the activity of glutathione
  • Rosemary – increases glutathione levels inside the cells or intracellular glutathione
  • Orange oil – increases glutathione production
  • Bergamot – stimulates autophagy (bodies process for removing waste)

So cypress, eucalyptus, and peppermint are used to increase attention, and focus and then lavender, orange and rosemary are used to protect, and repair brain cells from toxicity by increasing the levels of the antioxidant glutathione, finally bergamot can help remove harmful waste and organisms from our bodies.

Important point: while we typically think of ADHD as a childhood disorder for many diagnosed in childhood they continue to struggle into adulthood. For an adult who is struggling, it’s the same oils. Dr. J says that children tend to respond quicker because they’re usually far healthier. But adults will also be able to feel the benefits if they get themselves healthy (food, exercise, and sleep), then just stick with it!

What I thought:

Dr. J absolutely hit something on the head when he was talking about diagnostic procedures, and it’s something I see all the time – people desperate to find out why their child is not ‘normal’ especially when compared to a neighbouring child…

“…I think that there is a trend, kind of, among parents that maybe normal behaviours among children but they consider them abnormal or they feel like they misbehave more than, maybe the neighbour’s children or something. So parents tend to want to have a diagnosis because they don’t ant to say, Well, Johhny is just misbehaving. And maybe we need to modify some of the things we’re doing or maybe get some therapy to help with Johnny.”

Interestingly though a little conversation between Dr. J & Dr.Z also grabbed my attention to something that I have been pondering over with regards to ADHD:

Dr.J: “I also think though that we’re in a world where there is a lot contributing to the ADHD explosion because it’s affecting brain function, such as toxins and things like that, that we’re exposed to in food and other places that both contribute to that trend line increasing…

Dr.Z: “…I’ve noticed it with my own children, especially if they eat something that they shouldn’t. I mean yesterday … my three-year-old son… they gave Goldfish crackers to, which he hasn’t had Goldfish in his life at this point… And he was acting like a nut-ball the whole day. Here’s the thing, though. We knew it. We expected it. We did what we could do…. But the reality is his behaviour would’ve been prototypical ADHD…”

I really found this subject fascinating, because as a newbie to oils it’s something I 100% have seen an impact on my own life, and being able to help others is something I’m extremely passionate about. Having another tool in the toolbox is going to make me a far more successful practitioner, and so finding out that all the oils Dr. J recommends, and why, was awesome. Firstly they’re all relatively cheap (compared to frankincense & myrrh which has been mentioned a lot the last few days), but secondly I have all of those with me right now. Meaning I can start supporting my families more effectively.

Thank you Dr.J!

A final message from me:

Phew – that was a long one today because I was watching things I had no idea about (bar the last one – but still a completely different take compared to what I was taught). I hope you enjoy reading the little tidbits?

And a closing comment on Day 3’s talks has to be this one from Dr.Z:

“…today’s hyper or ADHD was Einstein 50 years ago. I love that, because Einstein and Bach and Mozard, all these great masterminds, you look at their historical account, they would’ve been lumped into the whole ADHD category…” Dr. Z (2016)

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  2. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.
  3. This website is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.
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