OK, so I’m back. I hope you had chance to flick through the round up part one as there were definitely a few things which were news to me!

So onto the last two talks of the day!

James Colquhoun: Essential Oils and Food Matters

James Colquhoun is the founder of Food Matters. He’s the filmmaker behind Food Matters and Hungry for Change and founder of FMTV, Food Matters TV. Along with his lovely wife Laurentine ten Bosch, James founded Food Matters giving people the tools, films, books, websites, TV to take charge of your own health.

James and his wife started to seriously investigate natural health when his dad became seriously ill. He was stressed, overweight and on a whole host of medication. James (like most of us) had a really difficult time convincing his dad to take all the natural healing products seriously. They were piling books upon books up next to him but he just wasn’t interested. Then they had the idea to make what they wanted to say in televised format, and this is how they finally got him on board and amazingly …

James’ dad recovered in just 3 months…

“Well, when we healed my dad and what happened entering that phase was that after he shifted his belief systems which is a really important first step in healing, he was like, “Okay, I’m on board. I want to get off these medications. I want to heal.” And in a matter of three months, we got him all these medications. We did a detox. We cleaned his diet out. And he lost 50 pounds and was back to normal. It was miraculous after five years bedridden, most of them bedridden on a lot of these different medications.”

What is FMTV?

It’s a collection  TV shows, recipes, interviews, documentaries, wellness information… which can be zapped straight to your TV, phone, PC or tablet so you can be constantly educating and upskilling your ability to not only provide healthy, and enjoyable meals but feel empowered to make healthy lifestyle choices.

It’s £9.99 per month, but when Sky TV is £19.99 a month for the basic package personally I think this is a bargain. I’d much rather pay to be educated and inspired rather than have random rubbish thrown at me …

What is FoodMstters.com?

It’s a free website (that is just frigging awesome), which gives you access to loads of different recipes, hints tips, and support in making healthy lifestyle choices. I completely agree with Dr. Z when he said that he had seen other sites offering something similar and charging at least £25.00 per month subscription…

If you haven’t already take a look it’s 100% worth it 😀

As a foodie – where does James fit in with Essential Oils?

I’ve made this a sub-heading because it’s what I was thinking all the way through and then Dr Z laid the question to James and here’s his response and its just fantastic!

“So, to me essential oils is like concentrated plant life, energy, and life force. And when we think about nutrition, and natural medicine, and natural healing it makes me think about a quote by another fellow Australian friend of mine from the film Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead – Joe Cross. And he said something that really stuck in my head. And I think it relates well to essential oils. He says when you’re sick or unwell, or when you’re starting to like – even if you have something minor, like some gut issues, he asks the question, “Instead of turning your back on mother nature, what if you face mother nature and ran towards her at full speed?

And to me, that incorporates food. It incorporates being barefoot outside. It incorporates having some controlled sunlight exposure. But it also means essential oils. Because they’re a part of these natural therapies, these natural plant essences. And so to me they’ve formed a part in my life because of that. And at Food Matters here they’re a part of the landscape here. Everyone last year for Christmas got some nice gift packs and essential oils or something. They’re a great gift, and I love giving them. But I also love using them a lot. And I use them in my daily life…”

aaannnddd… on that note if you want to find out more about James and his interview then you’ll have to grab all the talks by clicking the link below:

>>Hear more about Jame’s story (and all the other 35) by clicking here<<

Kirsten Draughton: The True Power Behind Essential Oil Testimonials

Kirsten is the owner of oil-testimonials.com which is a database of over 100,000 followers who share testimonials, but because of the way the website has been managed, and the way in which people share it cannot come under fire from anyone who is in the business of regulation…

[Although you will not be able to tell I actually paused midway and registered on the site myself just now. While I was there I had a search for rosacea and low and behold I found a couple of good testimonials and adjusted my order this month accordingly! It is going to be another fantastic resource for me moving forward so thank you, Kirsten!]

If you want to add your own oil testimonial click below to register on the free site:

>>Give an unequivocal life-changing essential oil testimonial<<

… back to the low-down on this talk!

At present, there are almost 10,000 individual testimonials on this site. That’s a crazy number! These testimonials are not just about health but also everyday stuff, like repellants, and killing bacteria…

What’s really cool about this site is you can actually do some pretty advanced searches so the example Kirsten gives is if you have a burn, but can’t find your lavender (lavender is usually the go-to oil for burns and it’s pretty darn effective) you can do a search for “burn – lavender” and you get testimonials from people who have used something other than lavender. This may not seem that awesome but it’s always a good idea to switch up your oils every now and then so this will come in really handy.

Something else that’s awesome is you can actually sign up for notifications on a particular difficulty so say for example in my case I work with a lot of people who have anxiety, and/or depression and so being able to keep abreast of things that other people are trying is really useful.

One last thing from me about the site is you can search for professionals who are essential oil friendly so psycholgists, vets, midwives… and this enables you to get the support from somone who has the same health standpoint as you.

There is an awful lot more you can do, and Kirsten goes into much more detail. To find out more about Kirsten and the site you’ll have to grab your wallet!

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I hope you liked the round up of day 1?! I’ll be doing the same for the rest of the week.

You can still register to watch the next few days for free, but if you missed someone you really wanted to hear you’ll have to jump into your picggy bank. Now on Friday the price goes up. It’s already gone up by £25, and it’s going up another £25 if you wait until Friday!

Don’t forget all the mad crazy extra bonus features you get as well (including being able to access all of the talks right now!).

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Catch you tomorrow – Katie.


  1. It’s important to seek the advice of a professional before embarking on a new health regime.
  2. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.
  3. This website is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.
  4. Essential Oils are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease






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