Yesterday I laid the smaketh down (thank’s Rock), on what’s coming up for all you oilers out there with regards to the Essential Oils Revolution 2 (EOR2).

I wet your whistle with the thought of 35+ free to attend talks from the cream of the crop but is it really worth booking an emergency holiday (or throwing an immense sicky), just to catch up on some internet goodness?

Well if you have already signed up then I’m pretty sure you’re shouting OMG yes it is (and oh I never thought about ditching work…).

If you forgot to sign up here’s a quick link to get your ticket:


Back to the good stuff – when you register not only do you get all the usual emails saying thanks for being interested in this slice of awesomeness but you also get another email saying – here have some more free stuff!


Yup these guys are most definitely serious about rolling out the big guns in regards to education and empowerment.

Here’s a few snippets from the talks you can get access to right now and a little take on what I thought about it because no one just likes regurgitated stuff do they?

Talk 1:Essential Oils and Food Matters – James Colquin

“…I think like a lot of other people coming into the health world or having an epiphany around what it means to be truly healthy. It starts with something that happens to you personally, or something that happens in your family, or to a close friend.

And for me it was my dad…”

“And so they said the that the best we can do is try these differing cocktails of medication in order to hopefully find the right mix so that the side effects are not bad enough and the symptomology has been quelled just enough so that you can feel somewhat normal.”

I’m just going to interject before moving on and get to just take a step back for a moment.

“…just enough to feel normal.”

If ever there was a sentence that made you all warm and fuzzy or filled you with hope about modern medicine it’s definitely not this one. Just listening to that made me stop. It struck a chord within me.

This statement for me sums up everything that’s wrong with ‘medicine’.-Let's be brutal - no one want's to feel normal.We all want to feel amazing-

Let’s be brutal – no one want’s to feel normal.

We all want to feel amazing.

Back to the talk.

“And yet, the biggest challenge that lay in our way… how do you convince their family member… to change their belief systems around food, health, natural medicine when all they’ve been told…?

And so by making this film, the ‘Food Matters’ film… He was like wow, this is incredible…

And a lot a lot of the side effects I’ve been experiencing were not me, but the drugs that I was on…”

If you want to find out what happened to James’ dad you’ll need to register:


Talk 2: How to Rebalance Your Hormones with Essential Oils – Magdelena Wszelaki

“…it started with Graces’ disease and Hashimoto’s autoimmune. And then it transferred to adrenal fatigue and estrogen dominance. So she truly understands what it’s like to be sick…”

“What I’ve also concluded, in my experience … is that just because somebody says something, it can be true. But it doesn’t have to be true for you… we all respond differently to different things.

A good example would be eggs, for example, or even some essential oils. One person can have wonderful results and the other person actually has a different reaction. Eggs, as a food, for instance, can be a wonder food. But there are a lot of people who can’t eat it… “

OK me again – firstly I love this quote from Dr Z:

Dr Eric L. Zielinski (2016)“…the best doctor you’ll ever meet is the one that overcame thier own sickness.”

…secondly, I really like this egg & essential oil comparison Magdelena makes, because for some reason there are people on the internet suggesting certain essential oils will do the same thing for everyone – no matter what. While yes, due the constituent properties in the oils each tend to support your body in a unique/distinct way our bodies are different.

Truly using essential oils is an exploration of both your own body and the oils. You need to delve deep, and pick the one which you need. There are usually a couple of different oils which do similar things and the best way to work out which one is best for you is to give it  a sniff. Trust me – your body knows what it needs and will be drawn to the oil that’s going to serve you.

A little more from Magdelena:

“…there’s a whole bunch of things I want to talk about today when it comes to essential oils for specific hormonal issues.

…what I have found is that it is really not just one thing that works for rebalancing out hormones…”

And just like that, she taketh it away… I’m sure that’s a quote from someone (slightly skewed because it definitely wouldn’t be a she), and I hope you get the point. In order to find out all about how to use essential oils to rebalance your hormones, yep you’ve guessed it… Click on the picture below and get yourself registered!


Hope to see you on the inside! Katie.

p.s. if you’re an employer I promise I am not encouraging anyone to throw a sicky… 😛

Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease




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