If you were trapped on a desert island which 3 essential oils would you have with you-HA! What an awesome question even if I do say so myself :O

Everyone without a doubt will have a favourite few oils. Interestingly you can actually glean a lot from the oils someone just can’t bear to be without – and no two people I have met have the same oil combination, in the same order. I’m sure there are other people out there with the same three as me but hey the world’s a big place!

My three well that’s easy – Clove, Lemon & Lavender.

Wait what? Clove…?

Absolfrigginglutelty! & I’m going to talk about this one first because it has made the most dramatic change to my life (it’s also the longest of my oil wafflings so bear with me and you’ll reach the end before your cup of tea goes cold).


24 hours after the initial spasm I'm taking the dogs for a walk as though nothing happened.So for me, clove was a random godsend of an oil which I randomly got free one month with my order and in all fairness it’s probably not one I would have normally bought…

I thank God that it was a freebie because it truly saved me one fateful day in October 2015.

So I have a twisted spine, and a twisted pelvic gate (basically I’m a little wonky downstairs) and as a child, I was in one of those awesome contraptions featured in a very well known film – Forest Gump (well mine was slightly different because it held my back straight as well, but this hopefully give’s you a useful visualisation). Without it, I used to attempt to walk on all fours like a chimp.

Quite quickly I managed to get myself into alignment – children are quite malleable when you think about it, and I was soon walking upright like all the other guys and gals.

It did, however, leave me with eternal backache, and a cycle of spasming. Every 6 months or so like clockwork my back would spasm and seize. It was absolute agony. Early on my mum and dad threw me into gymnastics, and loads of other sports to help keep my back muscles strong and stretched. Luckily this worked, and the spasming stopped being like clockwork but still happened and there was not a day that went by when it ached. But like all things in life you just get used to it.

Fast forward too many years to count and I’m working, no longer exercising regularly because I’m an adult and yup you guessed it bring on the 6 monthly cycle of 2 weeks of being trapped in bed due to the pain.

After 4 years I decided to do the only thing I could and enter my fantastic Osteopath who realigned a lot, and after 6 sessions I went back to the dull ache and occasional spasms.

Now during these 2 weeks of hell I’m in constant pain, struggle to move, and as an added bonus doped up to the eyeballs on a cocktail of pharmaceuticals which make me sick, hallucinate and rather unpleasant to be around.

Wooo – sounds awesome, doesn’t it?

Fast forward to the morning of October 12th 2016.

Oh my days the pain is immense.

My wonderful partner now well versed in running for the drug drawer was off like a shot.

“NO” I shout “grab the book!”

(Queue the ‘Mexican stand off’ and some profanities from both sides which I think should be left out of this post but the general gist he did not want to rely on the ‘new age, hippie dippy stuff’, and I was in no uncertain terms pumping my body full of toxins)

So it came down to a compromise.

We try the oils first, and if nothing happens I resort to 2 weeks of vomit, pain and hallucinations…

1 hour later the pain had subsided enough for me to move without screaming.

2 hours after the initial spasm we reapply the clove.

4 hours after the initial spasm we again reapply the clove.

6 hours after the initial spasm I’m out of bed and downstairs on the sofa.

24 hours after the initial spasm I’m taking the dogs for a walk as though nothing happened.

36 hours after the initial spasm it occurred to me that the dull ache I had been holding onto for 32 years was missing…

The pain comes back, and the spasms return they always will – that’s my cycle.

However, I no longer have to deal with the vomiting, the hallucinating nor 2 weeks of agony.

This is why clove for me, is absolutely my number one essential oil.


-Sunshine in a glass-Lovely, lovely lemon – an oil I call ‘sunshine in a glass’ and that’s because for me it really does bring me joy every morning without fail.

Now onto epic body fail number 2… My stomach!

Like a whole bunch of people stress leaves me bloated and super uncomfortable (in fact sometimes I look like I’m 9 months pregnant and about to drop at any moment).

A glass of lemon water every morning helps my body to detoxify, and realign its metabolism so I can eat what I want, when I want and in ginormous quantities if I so choose – without having to put up with feeling rotten afterwards.

So trapped on a desert island I will definitely need to make sure what I eat does not cause me any difficulties!


Ah, lavender that beautiful smelling oil which instantly calms, soothes and relaxes … -Ah, lavender that beautiful smelling oil which instantly calms, soothes and relaxes ...-.png

Nope, not why it’s in my box of tricks. Although it’s perfectly true and comes in handy when you’re avidly searching for the rescue boat (remember I’m trapped on an island).

Unlike my warm comfortable speciality mattress on the bed upstaris, I’m pretty sure sleeping on a sandy beach, or twig filled floor is going to be just darn uncomfortable.

While I’m already armed with my trusty bottle of clove in case these twigs or the sand causes upset to my spinal alignment – it does not sound like a very conducive environment for getting comfortable.

In comes the saviour of sleep – lavender.

After a few well-placed drops of this stuff, I’m sure I will be able to sleep like a baby and wake up all refreshed and ready to get back to doing my best to make Bear Grylls proud!

So they’re my 3 what are yours?

Post your comments in the box below and let’s get building a bank of essential oil combo’s!

Katie x

p.s. If you’re open to learning how to use essential oils to do loads of other neat things and support your body and mind with everything it gets up to then click the link below to go to a free mini-wellness consult

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